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Celebration Of Gramya Ganatantra Mahotsav

Gramya Ganatantra Mahotsav –A participatory community based initiative which has been celebrating by AJSA since last 22 years as the common villager’s republic day in their own village (Known as Gramya Ganatantra Mahotsav) organized by the community members to assemble all stake holders of development process to debate and engage them on development perspectives and experiences and to discuss on various developmental issues.

The 23rd Gramya Ganatantra Mahotsav, was held in Batharla village of Bongomunda block in Bolangir district. This year a convention on women’s rights was also organized by AJSA to discuss and debate on the various issues related women in village level.A rally was also organized in the after the flag hosting, by covering 2 nearby villages. More than 200 persons came together and participated and celebrated Village Republic day in a very innovative way. The participants were are belongs from various age groups and profession I.e – Government officials, PRI Members, community leaders, School Children’s from 4 GP’s, SHG Leaders, media and Youths, Anganwadi’s, Health workers etc.

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Bolangir Walks For Water and Sanitation 2013

The Campaign was organized by AJSA to support and engage the rural communities in world walks for water and sanitation 2013 movement.

The campaign was held Jhinkipada villages of Bongomunda block under bolangir district in odisha. This year the theme is “Water is Life-Save it-Protect it”.  The Campaign was probably the first of its kind in Bolangir district where more than 240 persons came together and participated in a very natural environment of Jhinkipada village, to discuss and and debate on the issues of water and sanitation. The participants were are belongs from various age groups and proffesion I.e – Government officials, PRI Members, community leaders, School Children’s from 3 GP’s,SHG Leaders, media and Youths, Anganwadi’s,Health workers etc.

Children’s played a lead role in pledging, practicing and to promote WASH in their locality

ajsa india, ajsa orissa, anchalika jana seva anusthanThe entire environment and its surroundings reverberated in Jhinkipada on 29th April with the hand washing oath and the slogans, which followed, `Clean Hands, Strong Hands’; `Wash Hands, Stay Healthy’ “Water Is Life”, Our Health Is In Our Hands.

Mr. Manoj Mohanty-Block Development Officer of Bongomunda impressed by the children’s efforts, In the beginning of the campaign he said “The novel concept of involving children to observe, react and to sensitize their family and communities is commendable because what the children do is based on truthfulness and honesty, they can only teach their illiterate parents on proper water and sanitation measures. The process will not only inculcate in the children a spirit of fearlessness and truthfulness, but will also help them grow as responsible and concerned citizens.”

Workshop On WASH

The workshop was held on 29th April in in a very natural environment (in a Mango Garden) in Jhinkipada village of bolangir district. Welcome address was provided by Mr. Banshidhar Behera, Chief Executive and Secretary of AJSA, Then he briefly mentioned “The World walks for water and sanitation” initiative to the participants. He opined the need and urgency water and sanitation sensitization initiatives why it needs be done as the major priority in world and in India or around the world.

He identified the Aims, objective of this Project and explained World walks for water and sanitation and peoples are taking part all over the world to make this movement more effective. He argued that till today people are not aware about the proper water and sanitation measures in thousands of villages odisha. And where parents are unknown about these things then what they will teach their childrens. He briefly mentioned the spirit and purpose of the workshop and expressed concerns over the absence of holistic community approach on water and sanitation issues. Then he lucidly described the importance and effects of Water and sanitation in our day to day life. 

ajsa india, ajsa orissa, anchalika jana seva anusthaHe said that “The world when seen through the eyes of a child, looks entirely different”, They are able to see everything in stark reality, without any barriers of socio political structure, hurdles and prejudices which all human beings acquire with age”. AJSA recognizes that children are the most powerful agents of change in society and hence the programme to spread awareness about hand washing is organized around children. He highlighted women and teacher and students will be brigades / ambassadors to transform the message on water and sanitation and environmental sustainability. During the inaugural session he opined the participants to build up a “Water and Sanitation task force by involving school children’s,”they will sensitize the community and their family friends to cope with the emerging water crisis and other related problems.

Debating on Water and Sanitation

ajsa india,ajsa orissa,ajsa bolangir,anchalika jana seva anusthanTo encourage and engage the students on Water Sanitation, and to discuss and debate water and sanitation related issues,A debate competition was organized by AJSA during the event. The subject of the was “The Importance of Water and Sanitation in our Life”. 25 Students From 4 Schools participated were participated in the competition and they have described very simple and unique things what they are feeling, their challenges and problems related to water and sanitation during the event.

During the open session some other participants and SHG Leaders also shared their opinion and suggestions about how to make this movement more viable and successful in bolangir after making “Jala Parimala Duta’s- water and sanitation Task Force”. During the session everyone felt that, there would and integrated effort required, and More Sensitization camps and workshops are needed. BDO and BRC both were agreed on this to take stock in each month with line department followed by another reflection. for Successful implementation Of this Project.

After discussion with the other participants and guests, a action Plan was Made and 40 students were selected including 20 girls and 20 boys who are agreed to support this movement voluntarily.

The campaign and the workshop ended with the hope that this Association will become a credible platform in western Orissa. And it was decided to organize block level consultations on water and sanitation issues to reach more communities. At last AJSA placed a suggestion and recommendation note to BDO and BRC how to carry forward this initiatives with clear cut actions and link with MNREGS, KBK funds and other mainstream funds towards collective action on water and sanitation issues.

Read The Full Report On India Water Portal, WSSCC and India Sanitation Portal

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