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Vision 2017

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 Vision 2017

The Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s)set by the United Nations have set a clear agenda for the direction in which development processes need to progress in the coming years to bridge the shameful gaps between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’. Reflecting on our work in this context, we feel that we have made several strides in demonstrating alternative approaches by which progress can be made towards achieving these goals. The year 2012-13 bears special significance as the organisation is embarking with its new 5-year strategy for 2012-2017. A sixteen-member team constituted by the Management Team of AJSA and along with few community leaders and advisors came together to define a road map. In April 2012 we developed a strategy framework up-to the year 2017 (Vision 2017) under Adarsh Gram Gathan Abhiyan (AGAA), after long discussions, deliberation and strategic needs assessment with a wide range of key stakeholders, a Group-wide strategy was developed. The strategy identifies the enormous gaps existing between the have and have not’s, the inequalities and inequities existing between rich and poor, in terms of access, availability and use, of basic needs such as livelihood, education, health and natural resources.


These interventions are rooted in social and gender equity, economic and environmental sustainability, and strong people’s institutions. We strive to realize, through our work, with Accountability, transparency and inclusion.

This replenishment will set our course in the run-up to 2017, and will be decisive in AJSA’s ability to contribute to meeting the Millennium Development Goals. Together with our partners, we will continue to work to enable thousands of poor rural communities to lift themselves out of poverty.

Actions which were initiated as a result of Vision 2017 process gained momentum in several locations during the last year. Still there is a long way to go, as we detail the specific strategic thrusts in the different geographic areas and contexts we work in. And we look forward to playing our role, however big or small, in making a difference in the lives of poor and marginalized rural communities of Orissa in the years to come.