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 Education For All Campaign

As an intellectual organization AJSA has been working on issues from the very beginning in remotest parts of orissa.Where education is still an issue, and considered as the most backward undeveloped areas of the Country. AJSA has undertaken various Education awareness programs and campaigns in the remotest parts of Orissa. The campaign is popularly known as “Sampurna Sakhyarata Gram Swaraj Aabhiyan” – “Padhi Padhaiba Program”which aims to support the development of vocational education and training programs. In cooperation with public authorities, development agencies and Govt. line departments, AJSA promotes research on the social, economic, financial and cultural dimensions of education with a view to contributing to governmental policies and programs and efforts to make education as a major part for over all development of communities.Education Campaign AJSA Orissa,Bolangir

AJSA has been actively promoting education programs like Sarba sikhya abhiyan and Education for all programs to spread the message in every corner of its operational areas. Beside these things 4 Night schools has been ongoing by volunteers of AJSA, where elder women, men and children’s are getting basic education in bongomunda block of bolangir.Where elder women, men and children’s are getting basic education in bongomunda block of bolangir. To provide basic knowledge to the rural communities relating Health, Education, Science, History, Culture, Current affairs and general knowledge etc. AJSA has opened a library named as Mobile library For Rural People (M.L.R.P), where near about 50,000 books are available on above mentioned Topics.

Education For All Campaign-AJSA India,Orissa,Bolangir,Bongomunda

The interventions in education by AGAA aim to ensure that all children are able to access primary education. Together with village communities we ensure that all eligible boys and girls are enrolled in the school and dropouts are motivated to re-enroll.

Access to Primary Education

Special emphasize has been given to girl children’s to provide them the basic education. From the very beginning AJSA encourages and involves government school teachers to participate in various development activities and educational training programmes in its operational areas, through events various events i.e- Sishu melas (children’s fairs), vigyan melas (science fairs), yuva melas (youth fairs),Environment campaign and water and sanitation campaign. This year 2 training programs were organised by AJSA where 267 participants participated including school teachers, children’s,community leaders, anganwadi’s & women leaders.