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Sustainable Livelihood

Entrepreneurship Development

AJSA works towards the promotion of women’s groups and federations by empowering them through the integration of various self-income generation programs and leadership building programs to fortify and cater the needs of rural women’s and to make them self-reliant .To build up these process in a proper way ,a co-operative society has been formed by the members of SHG groups in bongomunda block, in collaboration with AJSA.Which is popularly known as “Bharat Janani Swayan Shayak Limited” The members of the cooperatives were trained in similar manner, as a result of which they are able to run fair price shops, collecting and marketing NTFPs, linking with banks, developing micro-enterprises and also undertaking internal lending. All cooperative society members also meet regularly to discuss on bank linkages, fair price distribution system, PDS issue, kerosene oil issue, migration issue.

Income Generation Activities-

To create a sustainable self-reliant process, AJSA has been promoting various self-income generation activities for the farmers, land less people, disabled persons and old age persons and supporting them in various ways – Agriculture development, Fare price shop and entrepreneurship development etc. Beside this for by putting view to sustainable livelihood options, AJSA has been promoting Agriculture production, dairy farming, NTFP marketing etc. for the poor farmers. And leversing funds for conducting various livelihood enhancement activities for the poor communities and farmers from various actors of govt. and private sector. AJSA has also been supporting to women groups for various fair price shops and small businesses (leaf plate making, candle& cake making and fishery etc.

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During this last few years, the SHGs and the cooperative society have successfully revolved their internal funds, without any funding support from outside other than bank. Linkage s with banks have gained momentum. In collaboration with the banks in our operational area, we have developed a strategy to provided credit to the most needy and vulnerable people. To check duplicacy of credit, the information regarding the credit provided to the SHGs have regularly been shared by the banks and AJSA. Apart from their own saving of Rs 2,12,400,the SHGs have availed of credit amounting to Rs.32,15,000 from bank, for different enterprise activities. Other SHGs are in the process of bank linkage and are operating internal lending satisfactorily.

Mobilizing People at the Grassroots Level to Build Self-reliance

AJSA strategies seek to build people’s capacities, leadership and confidence. We train women and men, equipping them with the skills, methods and knowledge needed to take self-reliant actions to improve their lives and conditions in their communities.

Our aim is to overcome the deep resignation people in the developing world often find themselves in as a result of failed development initiatives. Since its inception AJSA urges people not to wait to be rescued, but to take action now to meet their basic needs.

To strengthen the SHG Leaders &village volunteers and to mobilize them in a proper way,We have provided additional trainings for women SHG Leaders,Village volunteers and VLC’s. These leaders become the spark plugs for local action. From the very beginning, AJSA has persistently worked with women’s groups and committee’s at the village, Panchayat and block level’s to help them address issues of denial of rights, and privileges by organiseing them into self-help groups and cooperative societies to gain a stronger voice. This space enables women to develop the confidence that they need to be able to speak out even when men are present. In a village council meeting, this allows women to play a greater role in the decision making process.AJSA sought to address these problems through a multi-pronged process of organisation building, training and skill development, and livelihood supports that focused on rural and dalit women, sought to help them have a measure of empowerment, and build up sustainable livelihoods option’s.
AJSA India,AJSA Orissa,Anchalika Jana Seva Anusthan