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Adarsh Gram Gathan Abhiyan

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Adarsh Gram Gathan Abhiyan (AGGA) 

In order to reduce the vulnerability of rural downtrodden communities, it is vital that people are capable of taking up occupations that provide sufficient income, by creating proper resources at village level, for bringing sustainable livelihood opportunities, Few initiatives and interventions are taken  by AJSA for improving the quality of life’s, by enhancing livelihood opportunities and by addressing food security,social injustice and by ensuring self-reliant mechanism at the village level ,through “Adarsh Gram Gathan Abhiyan (AGAA)” by 3 Core  Principals, “MADA MUKTI,THANA MUKTI,MAHAJAN MUKTI VILLAGES(Liquor Free ,Police Station Free and Money Lander’s Exploitation Free Villages).Through this concept and with Gandhian ideology we continued our work  from one village to another village. By our relent less efforts, and through 3 core Founding principles, now many villages are liquor free, Police station free and Money lender free and now problems are solving in peoples own villages, no need to go to police station, for solving their problem, By the help of grain bank’s and Gram panthis,the villages are now-Money lender(Local Mahajan) free and their exploitation is minimized. The mission was begun in 1989, and continuing independently by AJSA, without any funding support. Every year we are able to create new milestones through our interventions undertaken by AGGA Initiative.


Now, through its innovative approaches undertaken by AGGA initiatives, AJSA works with over 30,000 small and marginal producers and helps them towards establishing sustainable livelihoods systems. Through our efforts, we aim to broaden the opportunities available to the poor by strengthening their ability to provide for themselves and their families, in one of the most poverty-stricken yet resourceful regions in India. The organisation currently serves a population of over 83,000 people across 183 villages in three districts of Orissa.

These interventions are rooted in social and gender equity, economic and environmental sustainability, and strong people’s institutions. We strive to realize, through our work, with Accountability, transparency and inclusion. Through our constant efforts, we have addressed the problems of high indebtedness, scanty and unequal land distribution, tribal land alienation, high rates of illiteracy, starvation death’s, the regular occurrence of drought, issues related to migration, food scarcity, lack of essential health services and minimum education facilities in our operational areas.

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Enabling Access to Primary Health 

AJSA motivates and enables communities to access government health services for basic medicines, immunisation of eligible children and maternal health care etc. Timely detection and treatment of malaria, dieheria tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS control form another part of the intervention.To achieve the objective of creating a healthier society through improved preventive measures, AJSA organizes awareness programs on different health and hygiene related issues. Aiming at achieving behavioural change, AJSA uses different innovative methods to speared the message by organizing awareness campaigns, street plays, puppet shows etc. to take various health issues to the community. Involving children and youth in awareness programs like rallies, debates etc. are another strategy. Health weeks and health camps are also generally organized in villages for different age groups. These sessions and camps are organized in coordination with the community keeping their time and other constraints in mind.

Through these activities, AJSA ensures maximum number of people including PRI members, ICDC & anganwadi workers, benefit from such programs. General and specific health awareness camps with focus on diseases like Dengue and Chickengunyia, Malaria, Dieaheria, Mother and child care, HIV/AIDS, Maternal health,water and sanitation health care have been organized in all operational areas. Awareness programs on HIV/AIDS and malaria for migrant families has been conducted with the regular involvement of District Health and Education Departments in the programs.

Through the help of community leaders, Village volunteers AJSA is facilitating the monitoring of ICDS and Various health programmes (malaria, dieoheria, Mother and child health care& Sicklin etc.) and for conducting health check camps; AJSA is regularly checking the representation of PRI members, by making provision of training and orientation programmes for Health wokers, ANM’s, Aanganwadi’s and PRIs for  the effective implementation of various Government health schemes and to Enable and promote people’s access to primary health services. This year 5 Health Check-up and 3 training camps were organised by AJSA, where hundreds of peoples gained the minimum access to primary health care related facilities and information’s.

Access to Primary Education

The interventions in education by AGAA aim to ensure that all children are able to access primary education. Together with village communities we ensure that all eligible boys and girls are enrolled in the school and dropouts are motivated to re-enroll. Special emphasize has been given to girl children’s to provide them the basic education. From the very beginning AJSA encourages and involves government school teachers to participate in various development activities and educational training programmes in its operational areas, through events various events i.e- Sishu melas (children’s fairs), vigyan melas (science fairs), yuva melas (youth fairs),Environment campaign and water and sanitation campaign. This year 2 training programs were organised by AJSA where 267 participants participated including school teachers, children’s,community leaders, anganwadi’s & women leaders.


Education for All Campaign

As an intellectual organization AJSA has been working on RTE issues from the very beginning in remotest parts of orissa. AJSA has undertaken various Education awareness programs and campaigns in the remotest parts of Orissa. The campaign is popularly known as “SampurnaSakhyrata-Gram Swaraj Aabhiyan” – Padhi Padhaiba Karjyakrama.Supporting the development of vocational education and training programs. In cooperation with public authorities, development agencies and Govt. line departments, AJSA has been actively promoting education programs like Sarba sikhya abhiyan and Education for all programs to spread the message in every corner of its operational areas. Beside these things 4 Night schools has been ongoing by volunteers of AJSA, where elder women, men and children’s are getting basic education in bongomunda block of bolangir. To provide basic knowledge to the rural communities relating Health, Education, Science, History, Culture, Current affairs and general knowledge etc. AJSA has opened a library named as Mobile library For Rural People (M.L.R.P), where near about 50,000 books are available on above mentioned Topics.