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Major Activities

What we do-

AJSA’s approach is to adopt inclusive and empowering ways of working with the most marginalized groups in society that respect and promote equality. Our experience has shown us that effective development requires maintaining long term relationships with people and working to understand their needs and situation holistically in order to enable their self-driven journeys towards empowerment and self-sufficiency. Thus, we emphasize a people centered integrated livelihood approach pointing the way directly towards adopting a facilitating role, developing local leadership, and supporting several pronged development projects.

To realize its vision and mission, AJSA has been implementing several social, economic, educational, environmental and self-sustaining development initiatives since its inception.AJSA is actively working to bring about social welfare for the needy: work in each Village of its Operational areas. For this manner, AJSA Focus its work for the development of underprivileged communities, tribal communities, environmental awareness, child education, women empowerment and supporting underprivileged communities are AJSA’s major concerns because of the magnitude of these problems. AJSA also manage and uphold “Income Generation Projects” to support needy and poor people. Self help groups were formed, trained and various income generation activities were undertaken by AJSA for vulnerable sections and communities, all of which aims to bring about social, economic and financial stability and sustainability to the society.

AJSA have been undertaking the following activities in its Operational districts of Orissa in India.

  1. Activities relating to Natural Resource Management.
  2. Training and capacity building activities.
  3. Advocacy campaign and public education on issues of public interest.
  4. Relief and rehabilitation activities.


Natural Resources Management


  1. Promotion of Degraded forest land, Forest protection & forest development activities.
  2. Promotion for NTFP proceeding Marketing.
  3. To promotes for organic firming, Sustainable agriculture.
  4. To organize cooperatives, SHGs for marketing of agricultural and handmade produces.
  5. Promotion of seed banks to ensure supply of quality to farmers, agricultural workers.
  6. Conducting land development and irrigation facilities.

 Training and Capacity Building:


  1. To organize training on capacity building, Orientation and seminars of community leaders, Youth mass.
  2. Preparation of M.L.P for various development projects.
  3. Providing training on issues like Sustainable agriculture, Organic firming, Soil protection.
  4. Planning of drought mitigation, migration survey and implementation works.
  5. To carry out various awareness campaign, Training programs, Seminars,Workshops and symposiums in various fields i.e, in Livelihood ,health,education, environment, water and sanitation etc.

 Advocacy, Campaign and Public Education:

  1. To establish rights of women farmers in control of production process and to address to the issue of discrimination against women in the field of wage, employment, health and education.
  2. To form women groups and equip them with necessary knowledge   skills and resources to achieve economic viability.
  3. To take up different educational programs to build up educational standard of the target groups and also to eradicate illiteracy.
  1. To promote various income generations activities through SHG’s.
  1. To identify and develop traditional skills and local talents, encouraging Cottage industries, self-help groups (SHGs) and thrift associations.
  1. To undertake projects on watershed development, protecting the soil erosion, checking the floods, avoiding the droughts, maintaining the ecology and for the sustainable development of the community.

Relief and Rehabilitation Activities:

  1. To provide consolation packages to the victims of natural calamities.
  2. Support for agricultural rehabilitation activities by providing inputs such as seed, bullock, irrigation etc.
  3. Conducting survey and studies for deeper understanding of the problems and disseminating useful information to various actors involved in relief and rehabilitation activities.
  4. To help the peoples to avail various Government facilities aimed at emergency relief including taking benefit of the programmes.
  5. To provide community based Drought response programs in any drought situation.

AJSA’s Role Activities Towards

Supporting The MDG’s

Since long AJSA has devoted itself to realize and meet the MDG’s in its operational areas. AJSA supports a range of local capacity development

activities and interventions that address implementation challenges. In smaller area of operation, AJSA works directly strengthening capacity of elected representatives and PRIs, government officials, community leaders in State, district and local levels and various development programs and schemes are ongoing which is ultimately contributes a mint towards supporting of MDGs and national development goals, with its limited resources and manpower, AJSA is supporting MDG’s and its Vision.

The Millennium Development Goals Eight Goals for  2015

  1. Eradicate Extreme Hunger and Poverty
  2. Achieve Universal Primary Education
  3. Promote Gender Equality and Empowerment Women
  4. Reduce Child Mortality
  5. Improve Maternal Health
  6. Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Other Diseases
  7. Ensure Environmental Sustainability
  8. Develop a Global Partnership For Development