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Major Objectives

  • To work for the socioeconomic and cultural development of the vulnerable sections of the society.
  • To create awareness among the people about various Govt. program’s and co-operate them for successful implementation. As well as, promoting people-centered development initiative’s within the perspective of participatory development process to bringing out a common need based development of the people.
  • To aware the people on important issues like health, education and Livelihood Generation. Through organize meeting, group discussion, awareness campaign, training programs, workshops and cultural program etc.
  • To create awareness and Promotion of Sustainable Agriculture Revolution among the people.
  • To motivate the people for protection conservation and development of natural recourses like – land, forest, water, animal and environment.
  • To involve and participate in rehabilitation activities and collaborative efforts during natural calamities like flood, drought, epidemic and any other critical issues of the communities for amelioration of peoples plight.
  • To motivate the woman committees for their active participation in development works by which they can entertain the benefits of mainstream development Process and self-dependent.
  • The help and co-operate the landless people to get homestead and agricultural land as per the Government.

Target Groups

  1. Schedule Caste and Tribes
  2. Small& Marginal farmers
  3. Physically Challenged Disabled Persons
  4. Landless,
  5. Migrant families,
  6. Child labor,
  7. Old age Persons