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In 22th years of our existence AJSA is able to go much forward by its goal,and trying to move ahead with our old spirit, mechanism and ideology. This year (September-2012)as per the decisions of public, central and managing committee members from 38 Villages. It was decided to set up a proper mechanism and to create a pool of resource persons for guiding the organization and activities, interventions and future endeavors. Creation of Advisory council is also a part of it, which will play a vital role in strengthening the organization and realizing its strategy as dictated by changing times. So as per the discussions and nominations by the public in last meeting following persons are nominated for our Advisory committee bu hundreds of vote and nomination. These are the names of honorable persons and mentors who were actively involved with AJSA directly and indirectly .Thier suggestions and advices have always given strength and a new fruitful shape to AJSA’s every activities and intervention’s. Their valuable time and support to AJSA always has given strength and audacity to move ahead.

List Of Our Honorable Advisors and Mentors-

Mr. Achyut Dash
Social scientist, Director-Agragammee
Social Worker with over 40 years’ experience in the field of Rural and Tribal Development. Member of the State Planning Board was from 1991-1994 and has also had membership in various other state and National level and International networks. He has played a crucial role in influencing state policy on tribal development and is widely known for his unequivocal stand on human rights of indegeous committees. Co. Author of “Chronicles of struggle” and “Mati kaduara manisha”,Winner of Number of national and international award’s.

Ms. Saheen Nilofer
Development professional, State Representative (UNICEF)
More than 25 years of experience in civil society sector. She has worked in Oxfam international as regional representative and involved in many development initiatives in remotest areas of india.Currently working in UNICEF and serving the position of regional representative, She has Worked in India,Afghanistan and other south Asian countries. Her name is widely known in India as well as in international Platforms for her major role empowering women’s and child rights issues. Member of many national and international level development networks.

Dr. S.K Pattnaik
Ex-professorof JNU-New Delhi,Social activist,Member Secretary (Vikalpa Kantabanji)
Social Activist more than 30 Years of experience in rural devlopement.He is known as a very popular researcher in the field of Disaster management and migration issues.State level advisor member of NREGA Consortium New Delhi, chairman and founder member of WONC. Steering committee member of National Rural livelihood Foundation.

Ms. Sabarmatee
Environmentalist,Chief Executive -(SambhavNayagarh)
Social activist and environmentalist with over 25 years of experience in devlopement sector.She is the well-known women activist of odisha,who has given number of qualitative efforts in the field of environment, agriculture and gender issues in the remotest part of the country.Winner of number of National and International Awards.

Mr. Sudarshan Chottroy
Founder Director Focous Odisha,Senior Journalist and media professional

Senior journalist with more than 22 years of experience. He was the state convener of “campaign for survival and dignity” which sphere headed the movement of forest right act. Being a journalist and development professional he is the active member of many national and international organisations and networks.He has written over hundreds of articles, features on sufferings people and on socioeconomic political and developmental issues concerning odisha. He has produced and directed over 15 documentary films on social issues. He is poetic omnibus “Mukti” was widely acclaimed. He has travelled across the length and breadth of the country to know the minds of people.Currently working on issues like climate change, migration and governance.

Mr. Sanjay Ku.Ray
DevelopmentConsultant,Water policy analyst, researcher (INRM)
Freelancer development professional with more than 23 years of experience in the development sector.He has worked in prominent development agencies like PRADAN,Sir Dorabji tata trust,Harsha Trust,TCS etc.Founder member and Former Executive Director of Livolink Foundation Bhubaneswar.Widely known as Water researcher and water policy analyst,and having varied and vast experience in Irrigated Agriculture and INRM (Integrted Natural Resource Management).Technical advisor and senior trainer of number of Government,Corporate and development agencies.

Mr. Umashankar Sahu
Social Activist,Member Secretary ADHAR
Social activist with over 20 years of experience in the development sector.Founder member of ADHAR, a very popular organization of western odisha,Runs projects on Child rights, health, education, nutrition and womens welfare in bolangir.Active Member of Various National and International Networks. Eminent Child right’s Expert and researcher of western Orissa.He campaigned for child rights issues and agenda with policy-makers and the public at large at the local, national and international levels.

Mr. Sarat Ku. Rath
Senior Program Officer Samaj Pragati Sahayog (SPS),New Delhi
Social worker with more than 20 years of experience in development sector.Had worked in XIMB Bhubaneswar as Senior professional trainer.Associeted with many development networks and research Organisations.

Mr. Laxmidhar Nayak
Senior Journalist & Development Professional
Development professional with more than 20 years of experience in the devlopement sector.Sociologist author of more than 5 best sellar Books. Eminent media professional with more than 15 Years of experience in journalism. Editor of number of media and publication houses.

Mr. Bhajaram Sahu
Development Professional, Member Secretary-JMA
Social worker with over 15 years of experience, Founder member of Janamukti anusthan a community based organisation,Based in bolangir district.Currently working towards issues on Migration,Child rights,Womens empowerment and MGNREGA.Had worked and associated with the projects many national and international agencies and a active member of strengthening peoples instituation’s .Jointly working with district administration on issues releted to Migration, Land rights and MGNREGA .

Mr. Purna Ch. Behera
Social Worker
Community leader,educator and social worker with more than 10 years of experience. Involved with govt. Mechanism’s as the advisor member,for proper implementation of social security schemes.

Mr. Bishnu Prasad Sharma
Senior Lawyer
Senior Lawyer of western Orissa,Having more than 25 years’ experience in judicial issues.He has worked as key speaker person on behalf of poor persons on behalf issues like Migration,Land rights,RTI etc.Secretary of advocate’s union bolangir district of odisha.

Dr.Chayakanta Sarangi
Proffesor DAV College,Columnist and educationalist
Educationalist with experience of more than 25 years in field of education.Widely known as popular columnist and speaker and educationalist of western odisha.

Mr. Pawan Ku. Agrawal
Financial Expert, Charted Accountant
Eminent Developments professional financial expert with over 22 experience in the field of financial management and social work. Convener member of EIRC(Eastern India Regional Council)group, western odisha. Senior member of public finance and Government Accounting committee, EIRC of ICAI.Member secretary of Bolangir district charted accountants association.

Mrs. Menaka Sahu
Social Worker
Social worker with more 10 years of experience.Had involved in various developmental initiatives releted to womens empowerment, Disaster management , child rights and gender issues.