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How We Work

There is a central committee (General Body)consisting of 70 nos. of members as an apex body being responsible for overall management and policy decision of the organization.For day to day functioning and conception and implementation of programs and policies. Central committee has authorized an executive committee. The executive committee delegates its power to the secretary as the chief functionary to liaison on behalf the society reporting to funding partners, co-coordinating implementation of its program activities, mobilization of resources and Acts as the spokesperson of the organization.

The present Executive Committee consists of 7 members including 3 women. It normally sits 12 times in a year with executive committee to have an overview of project activities and review performance of the organization based on the vision and mission of the organisation.

Project Management

Each Programme is headed by respective Programme coordinators Who also looks after accounts, administration, for their specific programs, who also reports chief-coordinator and management committee every month. All projects are centrally managed from the headquarter by the Secretary of organization along with a Financial and Project Management Team. In addition to the above, there are specialist teams at the headquarters who provide need based support to all ongoing projects: the Training and Education Research team, communication wing and the Project Monitoring team.

Staff meetings are held at different project locations each month, to review the program and to take corrective measures and plan for the next Stage. For which all project coordinators come to the head office for sharing progress of work, problems faced and where additional support is needed.

Capacity Building of Staff Members

We at AJSA have a very committed, experienced, passionate and dedicated team who constantly give 100% of their effort to personify organizational values, mission and objectives.  AJSA places extreme importance on development of staff, both professionally and personally, including regular capacity building and motivational measures through creating opportunities of training, workshop and seminars. As an organisation, AJSA takes particular interest in enhancing the capacity of its personnel and encourages staff to undergo special training through various training and capacity building activities. The focus of these training programmes is towards expanding the knowledge base of the staff and to relate the knowledge to practical application.

Training Staff Of AJSA, together with external resource persons facilitate these learning events.Inter-project exchange and exposure visits were also organised to enable cross learning in the organisation.Training and capcacity building is an ongoing actvitiy,which takes place through accompaniment in the field and periodic training programmes.

List Of The Governing Board Members


Name- Mr. Ashtami Tandi, Sex- Male, Designation –President

Name – Purnami Bhoi, Sex-Female, Designation- Vice-President

Name- Mr. Banshidhar Behera, Sex- Male, Designation –  Secretary

Name- Mr. Phulchan Bag, Sex-Male,Designation -Joint Secretary

Name – Mr. Hruda Ch. Sahu, Sex- Male , Designation -Treasurer

Name- Mrs. Dashmi Tandi  Sex- Female Designation -Member

Name – Mrs.Sukun Bhoi  Sex- Female Designation- Member