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Introduction to our operational Area’s

 The area of operation of AJSA is throughout the Orissa rendering the service for the betterment of Tribal,socio-economically backward community, Disabled persons, small farmers, landless &women community. AJSA is working on 3 district of Orissa (Bolangir,Kalahandi,Ganjam). AJSA selected its area of operations initially in bongomunda block of bolangir district and later expand to other districts of Orissa. This geographical coverage area is complex, diverse and risk prone and considered among the most backward regions of the country. This region of the rural Orissa generally have had remained neglected by the state and main stream development agencies in the country for generations.

AJSA is currently working in 183 villages spread over 4 blocks in these 3 backward districts. It covers around 83,000 people directly. Through its programs of Agriculture, Sustainable Livelihood, natural resource management, self-help affinity group development, watershed management, capacity building and campaigning, vocational skill building and non-farm enterprise promotion, primary health, primary education and locally essential infrastructure development, AJSA is directly touching the lives of over 83000 people .The target population of AJSA are Scheduled (or aboriginal) Tribes, Scheduled Castes and socio-economically backward communities

Geographical Area Of Operations Of AJSA