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Our History

In 80’s Distress Migration, Food scarcity, exploitation of Money lenders (Mahajan’s), Bonded Labor issues were very common things. By realizing the situation many peoples of Bongomunda people came forward with few committed social activists.And they have decided to work for the under privileged and exploited people and devoted themselves to find out the ways and means for its solution. By understanding the root cause of problems, they have raised their voices on behalf of poorest poor, And for amelioration of problems of poor communities, few steps were undertaken like Forest Protection, Formation of grain banks & seed bank, formation of self-help groups etc.To reduce the risk of Drought,Food Scarcity,Moneylender’s exploitation and to make people self-reliant. It paved the way for the formation of an organization-based on village representation, managed and owned by community named as Anchalika Jana Seva Anusthan (AJSA), a Community Based the Organization (CBO) which was founded in the Concept “A organisation which was truly “FOR THE PEOPLE,BY THE PEOPLE & WITH THE PEOPLE” which was legally registered In 1990 under Registered under Society registration Act of 1860.

Despite of Many Hurdles, limitations and barriers of socio-political structures, AJSA persistently continued its work, organized the vulnerable sections, people and society, fought along with them against land lords, liquor merchants, Local mafia’s, money-lenders, and land grabbers. AJSA began its mission from one village to another village and grew over thousands of people number of villages in different locality and areas.In many extent AJSA is able to address the problems of starvation death, high indebtedness, scanty and unequal land distribution, tribal land alienation, food scarcity high rates of illiteracy, the regular occurrence of drought, issues related to migration, lack of essential health services and minimum education facilities.Through these changes one thing is remaining same – the poor people’s Hopes & Aspirations, faith and confidence on AJSA.Which has always provided the courage and the audacity to go forward its vision.