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Sustainalbe Livelihood and MGNREGA

Sustainable Livelihood and MGNREGA, NREGA In Odisha, NREGA In western Odisha, Bolangir, ajsa india, ajsa bolangir, anchalika jana seva anusthanThis initiative, supported by Ford Foundation since 2007, with a working domain comprised of 11 GP’s including 57 Villages. Ensuring the entitlements, building participatory and transparent planning process and implementation systems at village, Panchayat and block level and taking up pilots and innovations are key activities carried out in this project.

The key strategy adopted by AJSA is to ensure mass participation in MGNREGA in different level’s.The Job seeker’s committee (JSC) at village level and job seeker fedration’s in panchayat and block level are organised in order to speed up the MGNREGA implimentaion and aslo to address issues releted to implimentation of work as demanded by the job seekers timely mesurement and payment,ensureing quality of work and social audit processes at panchayat level.The JSC’s and panchayat and block fedration’s are actively involved in awareness and campaigning programme organise in village,panchayat and block level’s.

 After the involvement of AJSA in its operational panchayat’s since 2007-08,the process and procedures have got stremlined,the campaign mode has been choosen ensure that MGNREGA is implimented as a demand driven programme.Now AJSA playing a viatal role in mobilising household’s for registration getting job cards,providing motivation to submit work demand appliacation in groups providing assistance in getting receipts for work application,and ensuring minimum wages to all.

The effort now is to strengthen the instituation framework at the habitation level so as to fortify the panchayat ensuring effective governance at panchayat and  village level for effective and efficient implimentation of MGNREGA work.Around 14,000 registered NREGS workers were organized into around 57 groups at village level,11 group’s at GP level,1 Block level federation’s in operational area’s respectively which acted as platforms for collective action. To Cater to the need of the job seekers, “Azad Shramik Mahasangh(ASM)”a Block level Federation further integrated with the 11 Groups of GP Level. and they developed their strategy according to the Guidelines of MGNREGA, For proper implementation for proper advocacy and Lobby in every level. At the block level, members of JSC’s organised a rally to demand work, and proper payment of wages, in Bongomunda Block.The leadership was provided by the federation ‘Azad Shramik Mahasangh’. Subsequently, the access to basic entitlements of NREGA has improved a lot, in comparison to other villages due to proper advocacy and Lobby by the JSC’s in all levels. The Orgnanisation also has plans to devlope a pool of resource persons(Federation) in District and state level for effective implementation Of MGNREGA.

The better access to NREGS entitlements has resulted into better livelihood options with increased cash income, increased investments in lands and decrease in distress migration in the project villages. In the non-project villages, this percentage of application based provision of work is negligible. The improvement is also visible with regard to the work site facilities and the relevant awareness levels among the workers.

 From the very beginning, the JSC’ have taken up some pilot initiatives under the guidance of AJSA to move beyond wage income and build on the gains secured by NREGS entitlements. The interventions include initiating discussions among the wage labor groups for adapting sustainable agriculture practices, non-pesticide management, mixed cropping, composting, kitchen gardens, vegetable cultivation etc. Such interventions are towards securing maximum wages and investments for development of land and water resources from NREGS and supporting the job card holding families to capitalize on those benefits. At the village level, effort has led to increasing people’s confidence in checking cheating and misappropriation in the NREGA, Corruption ratio and payment disturbance is minimised. In every operational village, people were able to demand for payment jobs as well as for their rights.

Through giving constant effort in work and by persistent follow-up’s  with PRI’s ,Government official’s,job seeker committee and Federation.we are abe to make MGNREGA more effective by assuring that the implementation will be true to the spirit and will be done as per the objectives of the action in our operational area’s. As well as, As a facilitator- AJSA empowered the community leaders, PRI members and other stakeholders so that they could stand for their rights and entitlements enshrined in the Act.

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